Cash Register / Point of Sale System


eveywhereBridal.com becomes your cash register. No need to hand write receipts, manually file or to fumble with an old fashioned cash register or paper. All those error filled steps are ELIMINATED forever! Bridal software, Prom software or Specialty retailer software has never looked so well!

Now with everywhereRETAIL.com, in a matter of seconds you can see what a customer has purchased, their payment history and ale item status. All related transactions and payments can be contained on a single customer ledger, making it extremely simple to teach new store consultants how to ring up or review customer purchases!

It can handle customer Special order transactions, or Fast Sales where you scan bar-codes as fast as you can to ring customers out.

The system makes your accountant happy too, by providing daily/weekly/monthly revenue/sales, sales tax and cost of goods sold. This saves the store money, because it will take your expensive accountant/CPA less time to close your books.  Our close outs are more than a old Z report.  It is an report built by a CPA for other accountant/CPAs that is designed to balance like a debit/credit entry. (many more Sales analysis reports offered too)

everywhereRETAIL.com supports electronic payments through our gateway partners. Just let a customer swipe or use Apple/android pay, or Debit cards and in less than two seconds you have an approval.  Also supported is specific Star 3″ receipt printers and cash drawers

Printed receipts will contain YOUR custom terms of sale for customer approval.

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