MyInfo Customer Portal


Self-Service/Self-Help portal may be quickly & easy created and placed on the shop’s website to provide eCommerce convenience to customers. Brides and Customers may access/login with their email and ticket number.  Brides within events with members such as bridesmaids can even see the Maids whom have ordered and their order status as well, saving the shop hours from answering redundant phone or email questions concerning parties.  It is all available online for the customer to review anytime 24/7.  The portal form then displays the information like balance and order status, even custom fitting status.

What?  Customers can even make payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  How is that for efficiency and convenience.  (requires credit card services from BBL)

Other online features include web forms providing control over Font, color and what is asked of customer.  Place an appointment request, submit measurement forms and much more on the shop’s website to provide ultimate convenience and reduce the friction of doing business.

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Especially designed for Bridal, Prom and Special Occasion shops