Mining past customers for potential new sales is important to any retail operation. everywhereRetail provides the ability to pull customers based upon past purchases, last activity Type, Source, Event roles and even those that did not purchase.

Marketing options

Customer Purchases:  Create a list for all customer who purchased a bridal gown list week but did not purchase a veil, for an example
Role not Purchased:  An example; Create a list for all Wedding events where there are no purchases for bridesmaids and he event is happening 6 to 12 months into the future
Prospective Customers (Events created for a Bride, dresses listed as favorites, but did not purchase):  Create a list of all bride customer types, that liked Allure Bridal dresses and the wedding is 6 to 12 months into the future is a great example of selectively puling customers out of the table for marketing.

These lists may be written to excel where they may be imported into Mail Chimp, Constant Contact and other email marketing services.


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