Retail Inventory Management


What is more important than your inventory management? Inventory is the single largest investment in your store and do you know what your investment value is, what your turns are and which styles are making you he most money?

The proper management of inventory is the difference between making or not making a profit.

  • What extra charges/changes are available for a style, what are the size range and color options?
  • Can your employees locate this information in minutes.
  • Who has purchased a style, is it on any special orders?
  • Has anyone chosen the style for her favorite?
  • How long has the dress been in stock?
  • Have you sold it within the last few months?

Questions that can be answered in a matter of seconds. With eveywhereBridal.com key inventory information is is power to the buyer at market time

All with the goal to help the shop increase their inventory turns.

Get control of inventory and increase turns with eveywhereBridal.com

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