Special Occasion / Wedding / Event Management Optimized software


everywhereBridal can handle almost any type of retail operation. But it also contain key features that makes it ideally suited for the Bridal, Prom & Special occasion industries.  The event management functions allows for a group of customers to be related by a common event and for that event to contain an event date and time, which is the deadline the shop is aware of while working with the event.

eveywhereBridal.com excels with event management and provides many easy to use features like the ability to lookup events by any member’s name, email or phone number. Quickly see what each member has purchased and to report balances due by event date for cash flow forecasting.

Some of the Event Management features are:

  • Specialized Retail inventory ideally suited for special occasion merchandise, includes support for custom style fees and imaging.  Integrates with BBL Picture Perfect imaging service
  • Purchase Agreements where Customer or Brides must sign to accept conditions.  Support of digital signatures makes this process a breeze.
  • Event Management with tracking of Event Date and Event Members. See all member purchase details in seconds for easy customer service
  • One step Purchase Order Issuing.  System highlights events ready to be issued.  Create Pending order during Sale, no need to handle data multiple times.  Easy order follow-up too!
  • Partial Payments/Deposit handling
  • Your own custom purchase contracts/agreements.  A unlimited  number of them supported.
  • Lay-a-way inventory management, makes it easy to collect
  • many more features

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