Price & Identification tags are generated from the system via it’s arsenal of diverse layouts. We know shops are not a one size fits all so new custom layouts may be generated when needed to allow the personality and business needs to be met. Layouts form .5 inch by 1 inch to full letter size are possible.

Tags / Labels/ Forms for Fittings, Customer Lay-a-way merchandise and Price tags for bridal gowns or small jewelry pieces.  everywhereRetail can do it all.  Producing professional looking price tags very quickly is a standard feature provided by the system. Be it a large dress 4″ x 2″ tag with notes, colors & size options with your logo or a small 1″ x 1/2″ accessory tag. Tags are printed with bar-codes for quick checkout or easy physicals.

International paper sizing is no issue for everywhereRetail.


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